HARDCOVER 460 Hardfacing Stick Electrodes

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Blue Demon HARDCOVER 460 Hardfacing Stick Electrodes

HardCover 460 (HC460) is an economical, general hardfacing electrode where some impact is combined with abrasion.  In the as-deposited condition, the microstructure consists of martensite and some carbides.  This is a great hardfacing electrode for low open circuit voltage AC welding machines.

Typical Applications

Surfacing and build-up of worn and new machine parts of cast steel, steel and manganese steel, used for earth borders, caterpillar drives, stampers, shovel teeth, pressure rollers, conveyors, hammer mill parts, crusher jaws, and dredger teeth.

  • Sold in 5 lb plastic tube, electrode length is 14"

Available Sizes:

  • 1/8" - HC460-125-05
  • 3/16" - HC460-316-05
  • 5/32"-HC460-532-05

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