CK Worldwide Water Cooled Dinse Cable Connectors

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CK Worldwide Water Cooled Dinse Cable Connectors


Adapt any CK Worldwide water cooled TIG torch to any welder and water cooler with CK Worldwide cable connectors.  The following options are for welding machines with a Dinse power connection and external gas supply.  Compatible with most other brands of water cooled TIG torches. 

CK Worldwide SLWHAT cable connector adapter


  • SLWHAT-25 - Dinse 25 - 0.355" (9.0mm) male dinse plug diameter
  • SLWHAT-35 - Dinse 35 - 0.508" (12.9mm) male dinse plug diameter
  • SLWHAT-35QD -Dinse 35 - Same as above plus see below;

SLWHAT-35QD includes two QDWAP left hand thread male spud quick connects.  QDGAP right hand thread male spud quick connect is required for the gas line (Not Included) 

 CK Worldwide SLWHAT TIG Torch chart