Spatter Proof Pipe Spacing Wedges

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Spatter Proof Spacing Wedges

Pipe Spacing Wedges

Pipe spool fabrication and pipeline construction generally requires the use of multiple sections of pipe and fittings. It is common in the industry to join metallic steel and steel alloy pipe by welding. When fitting pipe, great care must be taken to ensure that the hi-lo is acceptable within the site specific weld procedure.

Common methods of ensuring proper gap between sections of pipe include the using a wedge, a gap rod, or a spacing ring. These devices are either placed between the pipe sections as they are brought together or they may be hammered or driven into a smaller gap to open the gap to a wider desired width. Generally, a wedge is used in combination with a gap rod that has a specific thickness. 

  • Pull or push for gap width adjustments.
  • Allows full line of sight during fit-up.
  • Unique hole allows fall protection lanyard and wedge extraction.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Tempered 400 series stainless steel


  • Small - (Stubby) - 3/4" Width x 4" Length Part No. 3130
    • A bench fitters’ best friend. Short enough that it gently holds the desired gap at 12 o’clock without falling down and strong enough to resist the toughest, MIG, TIG or Stick weld spatter. A must have for 2” – 8” pipe fit ups.
  • Medium (Standard) 1-1/2" Width x 6" Length Part No. 3132
    • The standard wedge shape and size for any fit up, big or small, horizontal for vertical. It fits in your pocket and lasts forever. Enjoy the plasma Nitride hardening for spatter resistance.
  • Large (The Pipeliner) 1-3/4" Width x 8" Length Part No. 3133
    • Traditional shape you love with a lowered attack angle for easier penetration of tight fit up and wedging ability. Ideal for use on large bore and heavy wall pipe. 6010 / 7018 spatter is not longer an issue on the pipeline