Harris Pipeliner® Cutting Outfit - Propane

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Harris Pipeliner® 

Cutting Outfit - Propane Fuel

This combination Pipeliner® Classic deluxe kit contains all the major components needed for cutting using alternate fuels/ propane.  With supplied propane tip, this outfit is capable of cutting up to a 1" plate. The outfit can also cut up to a 4" plate with optional larger tips.

Capacity: Cuts to 1" (25.4mm) plate with supplied tips. Cuts to 4" (101.6mm) plate with larger tips.

  • Regulator Seat: One-piece encapsulated seat design with internal filter and PTFE Teflon® seat
  • Warranty: 7 years - Regulator; 1 year - All other components
  • Mixer Type: Equal pressure
  • Handle equipped with: FlashGuard® Check Valves
  • Model No. 8525FGX-510P DLX
  • Part No. 4403239

Kit Includes:

  • 85 Torch handle
  • 6290-1NX - Propane Cutting Tip
  • 39-3F Cutting Attachment
  • 25GX-145-540 Oxygen Regulator (CGA 540)
  • 25GX-15-510P Propane Regulator (CGA 510)
  • Goggles
  • Striker
  • 20' x 1/4" Twin line Type-T Hose
  • Tool Bag